Elise Whittemore is a painter/printmaker who makes a living as an editorial designer of books and magazines. She hasa BFA from Syracuse University where she studied printmaking, photography and design. Her studies have included woodcut printing and lithography at the Art Student's league in New York and a painting residency at the School of Visual Arts. She's been a member of the Brooklyn Waterfront Artists' Coalition as well as 215 College Gallery in Burlington, VT. Along with artist Kate Donnelly and Sumru Tekin, she ran the Young Curator’s of Vermont, a year long class with high school students, on learning curatorial skills and launching a gallery exhibit, Systematic Paradox.



Memory looms large in my work and makes me examine how I reconstruct places of importance. How scale shifts depending on what is currently claiming my attention, how places and times can conflate and continually show up. Small objects collected on walks, the hands that I’ve held, the trees that I’ve stared at, all demand a presence in my work. Returning to these shapes, building on previous compositions in paint and in my prints, creates an allowance for images to accumulate, for meaning to accumulate, over time, and on the page.